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Project NameDurationCompletion Date
Repair SRU Area Monorail Cranes24 months31-Dec-20
NGPD: Repair Blast Resistance Doors36 months 11 days31-Aug-22
Repair Monkey tower Equipment28 months 15 days15-Feb-22
Renovation at Central Electrical Shop8 months 6 days12-Jun-20
Renovation for Engineering Building24 months 5 days29-Nov-21
Roof Insulation Repairs at SGPDto start 6-Nov-22
Project NameDurationCompletion Date
Installation of Sunshades at Haradh OSB -903 Parking lot5 months 27 days21-Feb-20
Building Renovation at Waqar and Ghazal5 months 27 days21-Feb-20
Inspection & Certification for Miler Welding33 months9-Jan-22
Defected Doors Repair at Hawtah FCC2 months 5 days25-Dec-16
Inspect Repair 3 Roll up doors for PZV Shop11 days23-Mar-17
Replace Roof waterproofing System of Sub 613 months 14 days20-Jul-17
Repair Damaged Tiles on D-145 A/B Neutralization Pit5 months 7 days17-Oct-17
Renovation CCR & GT Bathrooms @HGP4 months 12 days31-Oct-17
Install Fire Rated Wall in Control Room5 months 6 days27-Jan-18
Replace Roof waterproofing System of Sub611 month30-Sep-17
Shade Installation @ Emergency Area1 month 18 days8-Nov-17
Control Room Tiles Replacement1 month 17 days9-Dec-17
Repair Defective Sliding Doors Parts & install4 months 19 days31-Aug-18
Renovation SDGM OSB Building5 months14-Oct-18
Demolishing of old OSB portables at Hwyh6 months9-Jan-19
SFC/To Repair Doors at Q69/Q77 WGP2 months 2 days4-Oct-18
K85 Fire Training Building to Renovation1 month 4 days21-Nov-18
Repair Guillotine Sling Wire & flexible Joints @ HNGL2 months 5 days22-Aug-19
Repair JLG Machince Genie Z-80/60@ HNGLP2 months 3 days30-Aug-19